Iron Age field patterns at Rosemergy, West Cornwall



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  1. Hello Michael; great to hear from you and thank you so much for your encouraging words. Yes, I was delighted to hear from Pete and it’s good to know that ROP is doing its job, especially for sons of Kernow! It keeps me ticking along after hopping off the work wagon…well, nearly so! You must surely be writing about your own lively life? I hope so.


    • Michael Robert Lavery Oct 27, 2016 — 9:17 am

      Good morning Des and thanks for your signal. I feel that ROP will be one of my regular dips into lively writing. Pete Jones and I went our own ways since leaving Falmouth but have always kept in touch through putting pen to paper and now using postage-stamp-free cyberspace mail. Reckon a collection of our correspondence over the years would make a rare book – perhaps volumes. A bundle of non sequitur ramblings from topics as remote as going ashore in some steamy places, and subsequent adventures in jungles and lagoons, to comparing poetry and ways of making model planes – especially how to fit those bleddy struts on biplanes. A job for which you really need three hands. Will drip feed you some of our stuff, it´s just too much for a short reply. In the meantime, be assured that ROP has got us in its grips.
      Mike aka Michael aka Mick, my moniker in the Royal Engineers, and Janner my nickname in the Merchant Navy.