Des Hannigan lives on the Atlantic coast of the Land’s End Peninsula, Cornwall; a home from home for a northerly Scot. He has been a journalist, travel writer and photographer for over thirty years, first as a news reporter for Cornish newspapers and the Press Association and latterly as a writer for publishers such as Lonely Planet and AA Publishing. He is author or joint author of over fifty books about travel in a number of countries including Britain, Ireland, Northern Europe, Spain, Greece, Canada, and Pakistan and has written widely about Cornwall’s coast and countryside. He is now retreaded rather than retired and is incapable of not scribbling. This website/blog is an old hack’s ongoing ramble through words and places at easygoing levels of reflection, opinion, sentiment and bananas. The main aim is entertainment plus non-prescriptive/restrictive information. Just pick up your hand luggage and go…


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  1. Great stuff Des! Keep it up – so to speak!!


    • Just reading the almost island with great pleasure
      A gift sent to me in the Ozarks of Arkansas
      From Linda amd Anthony


      • Hello Adrian! Great to hear from you and how are you? Well, I hope. It’s a long time since we last met. I have fond memories. I’m delighted you have Tha Almost Island and are enjoying the book. It seems very popular. I’ve just published a sequel called The Long Deep. Same format and style but touching on locations all round the Cornish coast. More fishing tales as well. Gurnard’s Head and Zennor still stand! Not quite the same great cast of characters but they’re still about. I’m sure you’re still creating well these days, Adrian.
        KIndest regards, Des


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