Meteora (In the Heavens), Thessaly, Greece

Greece takes a grip. Just one bite and your beguiled. Or possibly not, especially if you have a bad holiday experience, or two, or three. But few people can resist ‘where the blue begins’, Lawrence Durrell’s summation of Greece as exemplified by the light over Corfu and the sea. This page distils the experience of many visits to Greece, both professionally and for pleasure. The stories will not just extoll the intensity of the Greek experience but will attempt to look at this compelling country under the skin.

  • ART OF THE AEGEAN… 15-12-2017 -        From November 2017 until the end of January 2018, Hull’s world-famous aquarium and gallery, The Deep, is staging an exhibition of the Aegean-based artists,  Alexander Reichardt and Katharina Bolesch as part of the city’s status as 2017’s UK City of Culture. This gifted couple operate from their atelier and gallery on the […]
  • THE ACROPOLIS OF KOUKOUNARIES: PAROS, CYCLADES 16-11-2016 -     Athens may think it has the acropolis par excellence, but Paros has its own little Mycenaean acropolis, at Koukounaries near Naousa, where you won’t rub shoulders   with many fellow classicists. This is a splendid site. It lies on top of a lonely hill that is peppered with huge granite boulders and slabs that […]
  • THE BOAT IS CANCELLED – A GREAT STORM LOOMS 11-08-2016 - You can float your boat in Venice on a gondola for a groat. (Or for a couple of Euros, if you’re a tourist or for about 70 cents, if you’re a local.) You can do this on the Canale Grande. You can even do it without the embarrassment of being poled around on the real […]
  • THE HEEDLESS AND THE HEADLESS 27-03-2016 - MYKONOS AND DELOS As Greece struggles at the frontline of the refugee/migrant crisis, life goes on across the Mediterranean, not least in the tourist islands beyond the sea routes from Turkey. (Life goes on… is one of the most anodyne yet irrefutable clichés ever). The contrasts are startling,  the ironies of history likewise. Many Greek islands […]

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