Near Tafraout, Anti-Atlas, Morocco

  • BREATHE: One People – Many Journeys 18-01-2021 - To breathe is a great way to begin, a defining act in our voyage from Planet Womb to Planet Earth. We draw in that first exhilarating gust of air and we let the world know about it. Here we are…another little miracle. There are about 256 births every minute, worldwide. That’s 130 million births a […]
  • YOHO ME HEARTIES YOHO 09-12-2019 - Takakkaw is 373 metres overall with the main drop being 254 metres. It takes all its floods in one long plummet of white water from the melt runoff of the Daly and Niles glaciers on the Wapta Icefield above.     Takakkaw is a perfect accent in the long script of pine-topped cliffs that skirts the […]
  • A GLORIOUS ILLUSION 14-03-2017 - This story is about a singular event in remote mountains, an epiphany of sorts, secular, not religious. The event was as uplifting in an emotive way as I imagine deeply-felt religious experiences are for those with a theistic view of things. There are no illustrations to go with the piece. I was travelling light at […]
  • HE’S ON THE BEACH… 31-01-2017 - He’s in Australia now, He says it’s brilliant there, There’s something in the air And sunshine everywhere. He’s on the beach…  Kirsty MacColl’s Aussie song says it all about beaches. Lovely Kirsty; a tragic loss. She left a lasting legacy duetting with the rasping, toothless Shane MacGowan on one of the greatest Christmas songs of […]
  • LOUDER THAN BOMBS: The art of drowning out the echoes of war in Croatia 01-12-2016 - May 2014 – a bright airy kitchen in a flat in the Croatian city of Zadar; Madlena Pavić points to a large patched area in the plaster ceiling directly above the kitchen table. She says, ‘With my small daughter, I am sitting here. Suddenly there is a crashing sound. The ceiling shakes. I just have […]
  • WHEN HEL(L)SINKI FREEZES OVER… 18-11-2016 - This photograph was taken from the Stockholm to Helsinki overnight ferry. The ferries crackle their way into Helsinki Harbour like gentle ice-breakers. The building is the Blekholmen Yacht Club, the Nylandska Jaktklubben, founded in 1861 under the approval of Czar Alexander II at a time when Finland was the Grand Duchy of Finland and was part of […]
  • A BLUE REMEMBERED HILL 31-08-2016 -  The photographs accompanying this piece are a touch rough. They have been scanned from very old Provia transparencies that have spent many years mouldering away in sea-damp Cornwall.  The culling of deer in Scotland is still a legal requirement. The great estates of the Highlands are known as deer ‘forests’ although open country predominates in most […]
  • PASSIVE STONING IN COPENHAGEN’S FREETOWN OF CHRISTIANIA 05-07-2016 - Copenhagen’s Freetown of Christiania – Fristaden Christiania – developed on the 7.7 hectare site of the abandoned military barracks of Bådsmandsstræde on the east side of the Inderhavnen, the ‘inner harbour’ of the city. From the early 1970s, homeless people and ‘counter-cultural’ groups began to occupy the abandoned buildings. Christiania soon established its own governance […]
  • THE KALASH VALLEYS: North West Pakistan 08-05-2016 -  SIAH POSH: ‘WEARERS OF THE BLACK ROBE’                 DIVERSITY AND COLOUR IN THE HINDU KUSH We miss world-shaking events when we are out of this world. Pakistan, October, 1999: the country’s army chief, General Pervez Musharaff, was in a plane circling above Karachi airport during the early stages of a military coup against President Nawaz Sharif. The […]
  • HOWLING AT THE REEKS 01-02-2016 -       FACE TO FACE WITH IRELAND’S HIGHEST MOUNTAIN A gentle stroll on the rock and roll hills of Ireland’s Macgillycuddy’s Reeks: a name you may need to take a run at… Irish roads can sometimes feel like roller coasters, and the bumps get bigger the further west you  go. Soon, they turn into the great […]

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